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Bright and Bubbly or Serious and Somber: Creating Floral Moods

Welcome to my blog. I have always been interested in how flowers can help to create certain feelings. For example, they can brighten up a room, offer an apology to a loved one, comfort someone who is grieving or serve a number of other roles. In this blog, I hope to start on that topic, and then, I plan to write about flowers from a range of other angles as well. If you're shopping for flowers, planning an event with flowers or just interested in learning more, this blog is for you. I hope that you enjoy my posts, and that they guide you to the best floral arrangements Thanks for reading!


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Bright and Bubbly or Serious and Somber: Creating Floral Moods

    4 Types Of Cut Flowers That Are Highly Fragrant

    Have you ever bought a bouquet of flowers and been disappointed by their lack of fragrance? Some people prefer flowers that don't have a strong smell, while others love the idea of inviting the scent of spring into their home and displaying flowers that not only look beautiful but also make their home smell wonderful. There are certain flowers that consistently have a strong fragrance and can be mixed with more subtle-smelling flowers or sold as a single-variety arrangement.

    Four tips to choose the right florist

    Whether you want flowers for a wedding or for another occasion, you will want a florist who can fulfil your needs with minimum fuss. Here are some tips for choosing the right florist for your occasion. Know what you want Different florists have different specialities, and you should be clear as to what you want them to do. Some florists will come up with designs that look more natural and organic, whereas others will produce displays that look much more arranged and artificial.

    3 Tips for Making Flowers Last Longer

    Are you wondering about what you can do to preserve the flowers that you intend to deliver to someone who is located far from where you stay? Read on and discover some tips that will make that bouquet of flowers last despite the distance over which it is transported. Select Thick Flowers Not all types or varieties of flowers will last for the same duration without wilting under the same conditions.

    At-Home Tips To Keep Your Flowers Fresh And Vibrant

    Sometimes you have to buy flowers early for a special occasion ahead, be it Mother's Day or an upcoming birthday. Don't fail to buy your flowers just because you don't know how to preserve their freshness and vitality in the meantime. Below are some great do-it-yourself tips you can use at home to keep your flowers fresh and alive. Make A Homemade Flower Mix In case you misplace your flower mix or forget to carry it home, then you can make one for your flowers.

    Hiring a Florist for Your Wedding: 3 Key Things to Think About

    Hiring a florist for your wedding is something you probably want to lock down as soon as possible. After all, you need to be sure that the florist is available for your big day. While time is of the essence, you still need to take the time to ensure that any potential florist is the best person for the job. So what are the three key things you need to think about?

    Keep your relationship fresh with these five flowers

    Is your relationship in need of a romantic gesture? Whether you've been together one year or sixty years, showing your partner you're thinking of them when you're not together is a great way to make your other half feel special and loved. What makes your gesture even better is if it has a particular meaning. Here are five different flowers that will give extra meaning to your romantic gesture. Aster.